French Immersion Program

French Immersion at Kent Gardens

At Kent Gardens, students are selected through a county wide lottery to participate in the French immersion program. Students in the program spend half of their day learning in the target language (French) in the content areas of math, science, and health. The other half of their day is spent learning language arts and social studies in English. Immersion teachers and language arts teachers collaborate to ensure students are receiving the entire grade level curriculum across subject areas.

Enrollment Information

Each year there is a lottery for students entering first grade. For more information on program registration, see the World Language Immersion Registration page. A SIS parent account is required to complete the application. If a student is not currently enrolled in FCPS, registration at the base school for the upcoming school year will be required to obtain a SIS parent account. Contact Annie Joseph at [email protected]. If parents are residing out of the country and returning  - please reach out to the World Languages office for enrollment information. Contact Bryan Espichan at 571-423-4602.

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