What Makes Us Special

It's a Great Day to show your KGPride!

Kent Gardens is home to a loving community from a variety of backgrounds. We are fortunate enough to be home to the only French Immersion Program in FCPS. We are located in McLean, VA, but we have students from all over the county to join us for our French Immersion Program. We are a diverse and supportive professional learning community where academic, behavioral, and social learning is delivered with kindness and patience. Building relationships with our families and local community members is vital to our success. Historically, we are an academically high-performing school, and we are proud of the extensive and meaning professional development for all staff. Kent Gardens Elementary School is a special place to learn and grow.

What is KGPride?

This is how we start each and every day because we are #strongertogether by showing our #kgpride!

At Kent Gardens we are:

P- Patient

R- Respectful

I- Inclusive

D- Doing our Best

E- Excited to Learn!

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