Staff Spotlight- Emily Vayo

By Lisa David
Staff Spotlight
September 30, 2022

This week's spotlight is on Emily Vayo! Ms. Vayo is our Speech Language Pathologist.

Fun Fact: Ms. Vayo is left handed!

We love having Emily Vayo with us at Kent Gardens! Let's learn more about Emily...

Staff Member: Emily Vayo

Number of years at Kent Gardens: 3

Number of years in FCPS: 3

Why do you love working at Kent Gardens? I love getting to work with the AMAZING staff and students at KG!

How do you show your KGPride? I come to work excited to learn from others and excited to share my own knowledge.

What book are you currently reading? American Dirt

What is your favorite food? Cheese-itz and dark chocolate

What is your favorite drink? Sweet Tea

What are your hobbies/interests? Reading, cooking, and traveling