Staff Spotlight- Dominique Otterson

By Lisa David
Staff Spotlight
November 18, 2022

This week's spotlight is on Dominique Otterson! Mme Otterson one of our 1st grade French Immersion teachers at Kent Gardens.

Fun Fact: I am learning Spanish on Duolingo lol

We love having Dominique Otterson with us at Kent Gardens! Let's learn more about Dominique...

Staff Member: Dominique Otterson

Number of years at Kent Gardens: 18

Number of years in FCPS: 16

Why do you love working at Kent Gardens? i love my colleagues and support i get from everyone at KG including the administration of course. i also enjoy the diversity of our kg families and students. so many nationalities are represented. we all learn many different practices, customs from everyone.

How do you show your KGPride? I show my KGPride by showing respect and patience with our student every day. by inquiry based teaching that creates an excitement to learn and stretch the students' ability to think very day and by inquiry based teaching.

What book are you currently reading? actually i read a lot of different cooking books

What is your favorite food? I like all vegetables and fruits and very dark chocolate

What is your favorite drink? licorice tea and other herbal teas

What are your hobbies/interests? rock climbing, yoga, and cooking