Virtual Learning Snow Day plans


We all need to prepare in order to have a successful inclement weather virtual learning day. At Kent Gardens, teachers and staff will make sure students have the devices and accessories they need and will go over how to log in to their virtual learning tools. To ensure students have access to FCPS digital resources, it is beneficial to use their FCPS issued laptop, as it already has links and bookmarks to the our most frequently used applications and websites. Note that we are sending home laptops in kindergarten, first and second grade today. We do ask that you send the laptops back on our next day of school. All other grade levels are already in the habit of transporting their laptops to and from school daily. This process will ensure all students have access to virtual learning should we have winter weather. In the future, we will send K-2 laptops home based on forecasted weather events.  We appreciate your support!

At home, we ask that you do a few simple things that will make an inclement weather virtual learning day run smoothly:

  • Make sure the computer is charged ahead of Tuesday. Please note that a restart also supports picking up some possible updates.
  • Review the Student Technology Readiness Checklist with your child and complete all the at-home readiness steps. Steps to access Schoology will also be posted on our website. 
  • All elementary schools will have the same start time of 10:30 a.m. This start time takes into consideration a 2 two delay. Note that students will have computer breaks and will be given some asynchronous work as noted in the schedule below. 

This is our KGES schedule for a virtual snow day:


snow schedule

During weather events, FCPS must consider power outages, technical connection issues, and whether students have access to devices that they may not have taken home the night before. FCPS will announce a virtual learning day in the weather closure announcement on our website and social media channels and through email communications and local media. There may situations whereby the teacher or student(s) do not have power and are unable to either connect and/or participate virtually.  The teacher will his/her best to post asynchronous instruction and will correspond directly with you.  Obviously, we will have to flexible dependent upon the situation.

If you or your child is experiencing issues with technology, a Student Portal is available for parents, guardians, or students to submit a request directly for technology help. For parent support with  SIS or Schoology, submit a request for help through the Parent Portal.  Note that the teachers will need your grace and patience as we are using a new platform.  That said, we are prepared to support your child(ren) instructionally. We will take attendance and work to connect with all of our students. 

Thank you for your help in making sure an inclement weather virtual learning day is a successful one for your child. Enjoy the weekend and we look forward to engaging with our students on Tuesday whether it is a regular school day or virtual snow day!

Holly McGuigan                   Tia Hawkins                             Sarah Talley

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