Change in Transportation Form

Online submission form for student's change in transportation

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, no bus pass will be issued.

Bus seats are limited. Please refrain from using bus note for any parties. Depending on bus capacity, a bus pass of max of 1 student can be issued.

For students’ safety, parents involved in a bus note are responsible for coordinating with each other beforehand. Each family must submit a written notice to the school office before 11am

If riding the bus, please fill out the bus number, other student's full legal name and his/her parent's contact information

We ask you to communicate with your child(ren) about dismissal plans BEFORE their morning arrival. Please do not use this form after 2:00 PM on the day of the transportation change.  Call the office directly.  

  • When you submit dismissal change online, office and teachers will receive your request automatically. 
  • If your online transportation change request is not for a bus pass, then it’s for office information only.
  • Teachers can use your request as reference to dismiss students.
  • Office will make best effort to notify the teacher and student ONLY if a parent indicates it’s an emergency/unexpected change close to end of the day. Teachers might not be able to read any short notice near dismissal time.  
If riding the bus, please fill out the other student's legal name and his/her contact information.